1. I felt so good after working out yesterday.

    Today?  My lower ribs in my back, my hips, my butt, my calves, the area around my diastasis, and my upper arms aaaccchhheee.  Which is good, but I know it’s because it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve gone hard on anything significant.  It also didn’t help that I didn’t really ease my way into p90x at all, and that I slept cramped up against the toddler rail around the bed the whole night because of Noah..

    Whatever.  In a couple of weeks I won’t be feeling any of this anymore because that’s what always happens.

    I still need to do the shopping today, and Stuart tacked on like…six other errands.  Blah.  Hopefully the babies cooperate because it’s been a rough week for them.

  2. Those are huge!!

    I know!  I told Stuart they are doomed shopping for shoes as they grow up and when they are adults.  Everything is going to have to be custom orders for them then.

    Stuart has a hard time finding decent shoes in his size, and he has normal shaped feet.  Add my family-trait width (which they undeniably have) and it’s…not a good prospect for them.

  3. I feel like my babies have ginormous feet. They have my foot shape (wiiiiide) and I’m pretty sure Stuart’s foot size (Stuart wears 13’s).

    I mean..a week and a half ago we were checking out shoes for them and they are a size 7. SEVEN. And they’re only 13 months old as of three days ago.

    We didn’t end up buying them any shoes, because we agreed they should be walking first (and now they are) and should “master” the skill before we get shoes (they haven’t).

    But damn. Babies’ have some big feet.

  4. citybythebaby:


    Pretty much.

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  5. Hmmm…

    Work out and make Stuart go do the shopping yet again, which makes him miss out on baby-time OR go do the shopping and miss an afternoon of working out, thus putting me a day farther behind and making my doctor be unhappier with me when I go to see him in a few weeks (because ttc problems).


    Work out.  I need to get my ass movin’ and I do not want to make excuses - however valid they may be.

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    New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

    …ohmygoshicantwait… :D!

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  8. mommy-queerest:

    Whats your game plan with gifts? Will there be separate and joint presents or just separate? I plan on giving joint toys and doubles until they are two and start asking for specific things and getting their own interests.

    We do “separate” and joint (really, all toys are free game, though).  Mostly because Noah really likes intricate things that are more small-scale, and Valentin enjoys things that make him use his whole body and use a wide range of motion.  So, we buy toys for each baby in mind and then things that we know they will both enjoy.

    When they get to the age where they can ask, I’ll slowly start to let each of them have their own allotment of toys and then the communal toys.  I mostly want to do this because I want to teach the babies (and even when they’re 20+, I’ll still be calling them my babies..lol.  because they are) to keep care of their own things (like, if you trash your stuff it’s not going to be the same but if you keep it nice it will stay nice), and to ask others (aka ask each other) for permission to use their things (in this case, toys), which will promote sharing in general, and that it’s okay to be told no.

  9. mommy-queerest:

    I baked half a dozen cookies, left them to cool while I put the babies down, come out of my room to grab on and put the rest away and my brother ate them ALL.

    I hate you you gluttonous lazy fuck.

    Depending on the type of person he is, I’d have told him that they were made with breastmilk.  Might gross him out enough to think twice in the future.. (again, depending..).

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